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Brighten Up the Season with Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Discover the latest in colored gemstone jewelry and how to make your gems stand out in any outfit! Read on to learn more from the jewelry experts at Quenan’s Jewelers.

Brighten Up the Season with Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Brightly colored gemstones incorporated into classic designs are a bright spot on your jewelry horizon. Whether you're looking for a beautiful piece to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or simply want to delight a loved one, you can find a gorgeous, eye-catching piece!

Ways To Wear Today's Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Today's colored gemstone jewelry can be found in a variety of settings. No matter your favorite metal, you can make any of these pieces pop for a memorable presentation.

These unique pieces feature gems that need only a simple backdrop. To make a brilliant stone shine, wear it over a solid (preferably dark) color so the lustrous facets of the stone will sparkle. Brilliant earrings will be easier to manage if your hair is pulled back or up; you can avoid tangles and display these beautiful pieces more easily.

Finally, celebrate these beautiful pieces by wearing them as often as you're able!

Styling Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Simon G Emerald Ring

When wearing your latest piece, try keeping the rest of your jewelry selections simple. For example, a brilliant emerald ring needs no competition; a simple silver bangle on the same wrist will bring this beautiful piece into focus. Wear it on your dominant hand so that each time you reach for something, you can celebrate this beautiful piece!

Enjoy The Retro Look

Tacori Topaz Necklace

Many new designs of colored gemstone jewelry include vintage features in the design. This beautiful blue topaz piece could have come from your grandmother and would be an excellent addition to a simple black dress.

Celebrate Glamour With A Vintage Design

Simon G Tourmaline Gold Diamond Ring

A well constructed ring, designed with an eye toward classic old school design, will work with your current wardrobe and can be passed onto the next generation. This classic tourmaline, gold, and diamond ring is built to catch the light in a classic cushion cut. The facets in the large stone will catch the light, drawing attention to the diamonds and the detailed scrollwork.

Break With Big Jewelry

Simon G Gem-Saturated Chain Necklace

If you're ready to take a break from heavy bangles and the large beads found in costume jewelry, this lovely gem-saturated chain is an excellent option. It features both yellow and white gold for easy accessorizing and offers the wearer a classic piece that can go from office to a night out.

Celebrate Valentine's Day Any Time

Tacori Moonstone Earrings

For those who prefer their jewelry a bit more muted, these elegant moonstone earrings are a romantic choice. Unlike many pieces of colored gemstone jewelry, the largest stone in these earrings is smoothly shaped with a cushion cut for a low-key glow. The diamonds add a bit of sparkle right where you need it.

Go For The Glamorous Look

Simon G Diamond and Kunzite Earrings

If you like sparkles, these gorgeous diamond and kunzite earrings are built to catch the light and draw attention to your best feature: your smile! These earrings are built to remind you that you are worth any one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Discovering Colored Gemstone Jewelry at Quenan’s Jewelers

Colored gemstone jewelry makes a great gift for a special person, especially if that person is yourself! If you're looking for just the right piece with a favorite colored stone, please contact us at Quenan's Jewelers in Georgetown, Texas. We're here to help you celebrate that special someone with a unique piece!


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