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The Four C’s of Diamond Shopping

Read now and learn about the Four C's of finding the perfect diamond from the experts at Georgetown's own, Quenans Jewelers!

With over 70 years of jewelry experience, at Quenan’s Jewelers we are proud to say we know more than a few things about diamond shopping. Honored to bring the people of the Williamson County area an extensive selection of top quality loose diamonds, we are proud to also extend comprehensive custom jewelry design to help our customers create the engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, bracelet, earrings, fashion ring, or any other fine jewelry item of their dreams.

To help you find the diamond perfect for your needs, we’re introducing you to one of the most important concepts for diamond buying, the Four C’s of Diamond Shopping.

For those unfamiliar, the Four C’s are a universally accepted method used for the unbiased and scientific evaluation of the most important aspects of a diamond; Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Since every diamond is unique, this method allows both customers and jewelers to discuss and buy diamonds fairly.

The Four C’s #1: Diamond Cut

Diamond cut refers not only to the actual shape of the diamond itself, but also how well-sculpted the facets of that diamond are constructed. Generally, the better the diamond cut, the better the diamond picks up light and sparkle.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamond cut is graded on an “Excellent” to “Poor” scale, and is typically most affected by the skills of the diamond cutters themselves.

The Four C’s #2: Diamond Color

Referring to the visible hue of the diamonds, the clearer the diamond color the higher the diamond’s quality and value can be.

The GIA suggests than when referring to color, diamonds be graded on a D-Z grading scale, with “D” being the least color noticed and “Z” the lowest grade for visible yellows and browns.

Note: Unlike the chart above, not all diamond coloring is noticeable to the naked eye, oftentimes it takes specialized and accurate equipotent to notice any difference between stones.

The Four C’s #3: Diamond Clarity

According to the GIA, to precisely determine a diamond’s clarity, a stone must be evaluated at 10x magnification to determine whether it has any internal or external flaws (also referred to as “inclusions” or “blemishes”). Diamonds are graded from Flawless (FL) to Included (I), with “FL” being a diamond with no visible marks, and “I” being one with several identifiable flaws.

When shopping for your diamond, consider that not all flaws are visible to the naked eye and some can easily be covered by a ring’s setting. At Quenan’s Jewelers, our experts will discuss all available diamond options before you make a final decision.

The Four C’s #4: Carat Weight

Finally, the last “C” to consider when diamond shopping is carat weight. A way to talk about the actual weight of the diamond, the heavier a diamond, the pricier it tends to be. That said, a physically larger stone does not ensure a heavier one, so shoppers can select from various diamonds to pick out what matters most to them.

Shop for Your Loose Diamond with Quenan’s Jewelers!

More than just your everyday jewelry store, at Quenan’s Jewelers we strive to provide exceptional customer service, along with an array of top-quality fine jewelry perfect for every occasion. Available today at Quenan’s Jewelers are collections from today’s favorites including Tacori, Simon G, ArtCarved, Coast Diamond, and many others sure to delight all our guests.

Our jewelry experts use the Four C’s as a starting point for evaluating the diamonds shown in our gallery, but we also apply years of diamond expertise and consider your budget to find the right diamond for your fine jewelry needs!

For more information on our loose diamonds, or other customer services, visit our “Contact Us” page, call us at (512) 869-7659, or visit us at our Georgetown, Texas showroom today!  


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